(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

This FAQ section is designed to help you answer any questions you have about the form and function of the Termite Register app.

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Is my address safe?

Yes! Your address is 100% confidential! Only you see where your alarmed properties are. We NEVER give out your address to anyone.

Does the Termite Register decrease my homes value?

No, if anything we help increase it by notifying you of potentially thousands worth of Termite damage. As your location is kept confidential there is no way knowing where termite reports are logged.

Where is my Termite Alarm?

Your Termite alarm hasn’t arrived yet in the mail? thats okay! A common mistake with Termite Register alarms is that they are considered a physical alarm device. This is wrong, Termite Register is a notification system, allowing home owners to receive alerts to their device and email account when licensed pest control companies find termites near their location.

The app won't lock onto my address when I try to alarm my property!

Occasionally google maps will not find the exact address that you wish to alarm. If this is the case there is no harm in alarming the house next door or across the road. Termite Register works on a 500m radius so you’re still going to receive relevant information.

I am a Pest Controller. Where do I sign up?

You can sign up your licensed Pest Control business or company Here. Another way is by clicking the “Business Login” button in the navigation menu.

How do I alarm more properties?

The in-app subscriptions page offers both additional home alarms as well as search credits.

How do I stop email notifications?

An email notification toggle button is located on the settings page in-app further more an unsubscribe button is located at the bottom of received emails.

Where do i find out more about Termite Register?

Our About Us page has a wealth of information about who we are and what we do!