Are you in the danger zone?

Alarm your home for FREE! Receive e-mails and alerts when Termite activity is found within 500m of your home. Termites and Termite prevention often go without any attention – don’t be caught out before it’s too late!

Termite Register Activity App Download Free submit FAQ
Termite Register Activity App Download Free submit FAQ

Termite alerts & notifications

The world is infested far and wide with Termites, however there is NO up to date and reliable database of their activity. Termite Register is the only source where homeowners can search and stay up to date with instant notifications of nearby Termite activity.

The Termite Alarm

Immediate Alerts

Receive Termite alerts on your device as soon as a licensed pest inspector logs a report with the Termite Register.

Book Inspections

Directly call or e-mail licensed pest inspection companies at your finger tips to book Termite treatments with the e-Card pop-up tool.

Easy to Use

As a user, property investor or inspector, Termite Register is designed for every single one of our users to have the easiest and most enjoyable experience!

Termite Register Activity App Termite Register Activity App Download Free submit FAQ

Secure Data

We take data security very seriously, that’s why we NEVER share your location or personal details with anyone!

Licensed Inspectors

Integrity is our biggest value. We only accept reports from licensed inspectors and companies to ensure the alerts you receive are genuine and reliable.

Set and Forget

All you have to do is alarm your property and we will do the rest! Hassle free and only delivering information that’s important to YOU!


Real time reports

While you go about your day to day, our licensed pest control companies are finding Termites and logging jobs, alerting you only when it’s relevant.

Property Investor

If you own multiple houses or properties we can keep them all alarmed under the same account. Multiple property alarms are available in app.

Search our Database

Termite Register comes with a lightning fast search tool that scans our database for you to find report data within 500m of your searched location.

Local and Reliable

Termite Register only takes on licensed pest control companies to log data on our system. Feel at ease knowing that the alerts you receive are checked and genuine, then easily contact them at the push of a button!